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Eine dokumentarische Ausstellung von Martin R. Wohlwend

“Welchem Gedankengut soll ich mich heute als Künstler bedienen, um meinen empirischen Forschungen nachzugehen?

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Reflexion on the Nude series

Every now and then I do something, follow certain impulses and voices in my head, and realise much later once I’m already deep into the process of creation, what had actually influenced me to do it.

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Gesso and Graphite on Canvas
150 cm x 780 cm

While some people think painting is merely there to pass time for the purpose of relaxation and meditation, for me it is like the air we breathe.

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The X-Tractor

After watching the best of X-Factor stories for two nights in a row, I came to the sobering conclusion that X-Factor does not promote but destroy original talent.

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